About me

Just an average guy who gets to take some time to share the knowledge he’s gained and hopefully help you along the way. I grew up in the US and studied mechanical engineering from a large Midwestern university  (Go Bucks). My background led to the inspiration for the name of this blog. I’m an engineer by day, and hope to share my financial knowledge and my adventures around the world.

Engineering Bucks was developed out of a desire to help others talk about their personal finances. Whether it’s how to pay your student loans faster (I paid mine off in 14 months), how to give yourself a raise without having to ask (how’s 6% sound?), or save more, I hope this site can provide you with the tools to get started no matter your experience level.

I want this blog to be a two way street, that’s why I created a “Question” button. Have something about finance you’ve always wanted to know? Click the button and submit your question, and if it hasn’t already been answered (check the archive here); I’ll do my best to incorporate these into future posts. Don’t understand IRAs? Curious how saving more can help you in the future? Any question is welcome!

I hope you’ll stay around as the site grows and the adventures continue.