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Want to save more money on Amazon? Prices are already great due to the shear size of its marketplace, with competition continually driving prices down. The only problem in finding the best deals is that you have to manually look for them. For example take searching through “Today’s Deals” on Amazon, it requires you to actively seek what is on sale that day. This helps Amazon create more business, but doesn’t guarantee that what you’re looking for is on sale.

Keepa was made with just this in mind to help you buy what you want for less. Keepa is a price tracker that automatically looks up the price of whatever you want, and will alert you whenever an item reaches the price you want to pay. Best of all- it’s free. It will also automatically load a price graph of any item when you search Amazon. So as you do your typical Amazon browsing, it will load a price graph of all the historical info on that item (more on the graph below). At a quick glance the graph allows you to get a sense for how much the item is typically sold for. The example we’ll use is a camera lens I recently purchased, where I saved over 30% using Keepa.

How to use it:

Keepa is an add-on that works exclusively with Chrome and Firefox (if you don’t already use Chrome or Firefox, you’ll need to install it).

Add Keepa to Firefox here or to Chrome here. It will then ask for access to your browser—enable it.

Sign up for Keepa, go to and click “Register” in the top right corner. You can use an existing account (i.e. your gmail) or create a username and enter in the email you want alerts to go to.

Activate Keepa by verifying your email with the link provided upon registering.

Go to and search for something you want. If you scroll down below where the product image and basic info are, you should now see a graph that looks something like this:

This graph is the historical data for the actual list price of whatever item you’re looking at. In this case, it’s my $300 camera lens. The yellow & purple lines (shown as one line in this case) represent the Amazon new price and the solid black line represents the used price.

Click the “Track Product” tab to see a desired price bar similar to this:

keepa track product

From this tab, enter in the exact price you want to buy that item for. If you’re willing to buy it used, you can even enter in the used price to track both the new and used prices. Once you set the price, click the start tracking button (you may need to sign back in one more time). As an example in the above image, if the price of the item drops to $283 or less, Keepa will automatically email a notification that the price has dropped.

Continue to browse Amazon as you normally would, adding in more items and the prices you want pay.

Recommendation: Use the historical graphs to find out what is a “good” price—you don’t have to guess. You can also change the date range in the bottom right corner. Clicking “All” will show you all of the prices since the item’s release, to week or day charts that will show you what the prices have been recently.

To browse your tracked products go back to and sign in to your account. Click on the “Track” button at the top, or continue to!manage. From there you will be able to see a list of all the actively tracked products you have selected and manage/delete any you no longer wish to track.

Check your email as notifications come in for products that reach the price limit you set. Note that some deals don’t last long (as shown below).

Is the on-sale item the same as the official product? Yes! It is the exact same product you would find any other day, verified by Amazon, it is just cheaper. By using Keepa, you can have a 24/7 tracker let you know when the things you want are on sale.

Back to my camera lens example—I used Keepa to set a $225 alert on the $300 lens… a lens that has been sold for over 4 years and has never gone below $250 in that time. Keepa alerted me that the price had dropped to $200 and I quickly purchased it.

Let’s take a quick look back at the original graph:

keepa price history

Notice the purple line plummet for a very short period between Oct 8 and 16? That’s the exact time Keepa alerted me to the price drop and it only lasted for roughly 12 hours. It wasn’t an Amazon deal of the day either- it was just a short price drop. Keepa saved me $100 (30%) just on this one item!

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