Introducing the Money Saved Tracker

We’ve already had several posts that can be implemented today to put more money in your pocket. As this site continues to save its’ readers money and hopefully teach something new about finances, I wanted to create a way to track this. That’s why I’m introducing a dedicated tracker to quickly show this information.

You’ll see it in the top right corner of the website. It is a simple graphic displaying the amount of money a typical user could save EACH YEAR by implementing the ideas we cover on the site. I’ll only be including specific posts and tips that can be repeated yearly. You can even click on the image to see a full list of each post along with how much each would save you, so you can find articles that may relate to a specific topic you’re interested in. Also included will be how much time each takes, so that you can easily tell which items are relatively easier than others based on time required. With each new post, I’ll update the trackers progress accordingly.

What’s it based on?

The tracker will be based on a single working individual that brings in $50,000 a year.

Many posts will deal with fixed savings; each person regardless of background will earn the same amount. However some posts will reference things like tax savings, which will vary based on income and family size. That said, in most cases where you don’t match a single person making $50k, the savings can actually be higher (for instance if you make more). At the end of any money saving post, I’ll add a quick note about how much could be saved, so as you’re reading you can follow along with this progress.

I’ll always strive to be conservative and realistic about how much can be saved to ensure that the amount is not artificially inflated. I hope this will help track, and ultimately save you more money!

Click the image in the top right, or here to see the list.

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