How to Waive Young Renter Fees

If you have ever wanted to rent a car, but you’re not 25, you’ve probably noticed the line that reads: Young Renter Fees. In the chance that your trip is also a long one, the fee only gets worse as it’s typically charged per day. A week trip with Enterprise could cost you $20/day extra due to your age, or up to $66/day with Alamo in New York- that’s $462 extra for the week. At $30 per day, the typical economy rental car just got twice as expensive!

Enter AAA

AAA is a car club that charges a yearly membership fee and provides varying amounts of services like free tow rides in the event your real car breaks down (free tow mileage varies based on how much you pay). You’re probably saying AAA is only for old people. While a basic membership doesn’t get you much these days, they have partnered with Hertz.

With their Hertz partnership, anyone between the ages of 21-24 can rent a car through Hertz and have the Young Renter Fees waived.

It costs only $70 per year and $60 per year when you renew.

But before you go and sign up for a membership, compare the membership cost to your rental fees:

Young Renter Fees typically average around $20/day. The AAA basic membership costs $70/year, so this means your rental period would need to be at least 4 days long to save money. Keep in mind that the membership lasts 1 year, and can be used to waive the fee as many times as you’d like. So if your upcoming trip is only 3 days long, but you’ll be doing another similar trip in the next year, it will certainly save you money to sign up.

Why I signed up?

I recently had the opportunity to explore the northwest United States and Canada. In order to cover all the things I wanted to do, my trip ended up being 2 weeks long. Running through online bookings, I painfully saw the subsequent $280 fee for being under 25. By signing up with AAA and renting through Hertz, I saved myself $210! The best part is the membership lasts a full year, so I’ll save even more the next time I rent.

So, do the math for your next trip and see if this can save you too. Like the article? Click the share button below!


  1. Wendy

    This is quite a find! How do you go about finding ways to save money in such specific situations? Like if I had seen I was being charged a fee, I wouldn’t have thought to look up AAA! How’d you find this?

    1. Engineering Bucks (Post author)

      Thanks Wendy! A majority of the recent posts have been found based on my own research- they are things that I found to save myself money and I wanted to share this with others. This specifically I found by chance on Hertz website, they had an announcement about the partnership and from there I tested it out for myself.


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